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Cow and Chicken Series

The cow and the Chicken are an American the animated series of the television, created by David Feiss, transmitted first in Cartoon Network from 1997 to 1999. The series shows the adventures of a cow, of Cow conveniently called, and of his Chicken of brother (that is a chicken), that often is tormented for the Red Type, a generally naked character of devil since places as various characters to bungle them. Generally the Red pseudonyms of Type are in its naked appearance (for example. Dr. Funds of Hiney, the Official one Pantsoffski, Nein shorts OF LEATHER of von of Baron, Ben Pantced, the Mrs. Barederriere, C.D. The high-knee, I.B. Horny, etc.).

You throw them humorous they have frequently a strange hyphen — in this case a brother and the sister that are a chicken and a cow, but they have human parents. The creators are faced with the question of if and how to explain this hyphen. At times credits of opening are uncomfortable vehicles for a story of the origin. David Feiss approached this problem with flavor: a song of opening goes Mom had a chicken/mom he had a cow/dad he was a proud/he did not he take care of how. This is all that is offered never in the explanation, although there is an insinuation in which the children have a cousin Deboned, that is a chicken deboned (incapable to walk or to be raised of the flat). Their other cousins are Boys of Conch, a conch, the Prime Black Sheep, and the Bristle, a bad pig. A segment showed also the supposed ghosts of a Cow ancestors pair and Chicken, a male farmer and a female chicken. The episodes take the hyphen and they run with himself with a manic energy that is seen also in you throw humorous as Ren and Stimpy. Many of the jokes utilize the adult humor, thus doing the very controversial exposition. An exceptional fact is that the upper body of the parents never has been seen. the placard al pilot of the Cow and the Chicken that not to Smoke Extensive placard al pilot of the Cow and the Chicken not to Smoke

The series utilizes the clichés of you throw humorous. For example, the Cow has to an alter ego Supercow, that is a super hero with chararactistics different to his normal character (just as the flight, and the ability to speak Spanish); and the Red tests of Type to discover in vain the secret identity of Supercow (so he can die happy) still as he torments Cow. The children seem incapable to enter water without doing thus by oversight in the proximity of a dangerous and large cataract. The parents of children, that are calls Mom and to Dad, they exist only of the waist downward, and they can be seen to stop in the waist (provided that their shadows they appear, they are they cut in the waist). This is a homage to characters partly without to be seen just as Mamacita-Of Two Shoes of the MGM Tom and you throw humorous of Jerry, that was Afro-American owner of Tom that only was seen of the waist downward, and many throw humorous that often they show the adults of the only waist downward (for example. Babies of Muppet).

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