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Cow and Chicken

While Cow and Chicken live their lives with regular human parents and regular human friends, their lives and adventures are anything but “regular”. Cow and Chicken manage to go through a huge variety of situations, and luckily for Chicken, Cow can always become her alter ego, Super Cow, and save the day. The cartoon characters are very lively and well defined in Cow and Chicken: besides the two main “cartoon stars” we also have Mom and Dad, the waist-down-only parents, the ever-competing I.R. Baboon and I.M. Weasel and Flem and Earl, Chicken’s best friends. Let’s not forget Red Guy, the villain without underwear.

The characters in Cow and Chicken

Cow – she is a 7 year old mature cow with the spirit of a young girl. Cow adores her brother, Chicken, and is always there accompanying him in his adventures. Cow loves her family and often saves the day by becoming the Spanish-speaking Super Cow.

Chicken – there’s anything he would do not to be called “chicken”. This is why he accepts any sort of dare, no matter how dangerous or insane it sounds. However, he is, after all, only a chicken, so he often has to ask for help from Cow when the situation gets too rough.

Mom and Dad – only seen from the waist down, Mom and Dad take good care of Cow and Chicken. They regularly provide them with strange but succulent food items. In a conflict, Mom and Dad tend to side with Cow, which makes Chicken even more frustrated.

I.M. Weasel – you’d be surprised to see that I.M. Weasel is the exact opposite of what you would expect a weasel to be like. Dignified and mature, I.M. Weasel manages to come out as a winner no matter what the circumstances are like. Cow and Chicken often cross paths with the intelligent weasel whose answer to many things is self-explanatory: “I am Weasel”.

I.R. Baboon – always trying to be better than I.M. Weasel, I.R. Baboon is let down by his stupidity and infantile speech style. In his quest for glory, I.R. Baboon only manages to make I.M. Weasel look even better.

Red Guy – the villain of the Cow and Chicken cartoon series, Red Guy has many incarnations, but never seems to be able to wear any pants.

Flem and Earl – Chicken’s best buddies, Flem and Earl make their feathered friend look smart by comparison. Together with Chicken, Flem and Earl get into all sorts of trouble throughout their adventures.

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