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Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is an Emmy rewarded, the American customers the animated series of the television created and produced in Studies of Network of Throws Humorous by encouraging Craig McCracken, that created also The Girls of Powerpuff. It premiered first in the Network of Throws Humorous in August 13, 2004, like a movie of 90 minutes of the television, that carried to an half an hour episodes series. The series airs at present in the Network of Throws Humorous and its is affiliated world, less in Canada where airs it at present in English and Teletoon French-speaking to do contacts due to Canadian regulations of property of television. The exposition was also in Children WB! of July 9 for August 13, 2005, but has since was removed the schedule.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends photos – Mac and Bloo, the two main characters, they served also as the hosts of the promotion of the Summer of Throws Humorous of Network of Throws Humorous of May 29, Commemorative Day in US) for September 24 during the day of Labor Party) of 2006, in its greater part during main time Monday for nights on Thursday.

In this world, imaginary friends come they be true the instant that a boy the imagines. Unfortunately for the imaginary friends, the children grow them more than. That when happens, the friends are untidy to defend for itself. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends was founded by the Lady of age advanced Promotes to provide a promotes at home (from there the title) for imaginary friends abandoned; their motto is “Where good ideas are not forgot.” There is (according to “Putting A President”) 1.340 imaginary friends in Promotes at home. He has been suggested that the house that himself is able, in fact, he is imaginary.

The exposition is not clear in exactly what city neither indicates the events they are put in. In the episode “Presses The Day”, the Promotes friends are in a beach while Bloo looks a station of time in the cable, that reports in the time in Topeka , Kansas and Spokane , Washington . In “A Claus Lost”, is seen that in the winter there is the snow. In “Home of Impostor For Therefore…the Mark ‘you Go me it Up Friends “, the new imaginary friend, the Soothing Tablet John McGee, says that he is from Canada.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends these indications place the placement in some place inexactly in the northern half U.S. In The episode “Bus The Two Of Us” we can see in part a sign for New Hampshire Northern. Although the placement never be indicated explicitly, there is some fixed formula where all devises in the world where Promotes happens. For example Mac lives in a row of apartments. The cheese and Loise live in the apartment to the left of Mac, while The Applebees (that appears in “Dutchess of Moans” and “Infernal Sleeps”) lives in the right. It promotes the distance of the house of apartments walks of Mac, (Mac, he himself, the walks to Promotes and then behind at home each day).

Then it promotes the house is located in 1123 Way of Wilson, as indicated in various points through the series – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends photos. The Rivers of the old-man live al another side of the street in front of Promotes according to “to Abut the Pains Gift “. In “Infernal it Sleeps”, is revealed that Sticky Substance lives in an apartment that builds also, suggesting that the exposition happens in a city.

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