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Insight of SEO for Beginners

We might hear of Search Engine Optimisation or known as SEO Malaysia frequently in the digital marketing world, but do you really understand what is SEO all about? In this article, you will get to know the basic knowledge of SEO and how important it is in digital marketing.

As I mentioned before, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is an implementation to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. Through this practice, your website, as well as your brands, will get the exposure from the organic search engine results – It means through a non-paid exposure. SEO based on people’s preferences because it is about what they have searched using search engines. Hence, it is just an understanding of what customers searching online, what kind of words they are using to seek particular things, answers or even content. After knowing this, it is easy for digital marketers to deliver and make people connect with them as they could provide solutions to people. So the SEO’s task is to know what the audience wants and deliver them accordingly in the search engine.

SEO is important because it generating the majority online traffic even thought paid advertising, social media and other online site generate the traffic to websites. With the existing of organic search results, it covers more than the digital real estate and it appears to be more credible to the tech-savvy searchers and it shows the more clicks that have received than the paid advertisements.

In the online marketing channels, it shows that SEO as the one and only channel that could contribute with dividends payment over time if it is set up correctly. With that being said, the website owner has to provide good content with the right keywords to the audience and that will automatically bring them to the rank they deserve by increasing their traffic rapidly without involve the black hat which is a red flag in Google. They need to optimise their site so that it will deliver the information to the search engines and the content will be indexed, thus displayed within search results.

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