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When Johny Bravo enjoys something, generally something he tests or he sees, he often exclaims the pleasure saying, “Mmm, (object)-y!” and the laughters. For example, he would say “Mmm, lemony!” al to test something with a flavor of lemon. This joke began in the exposition Pee-wee Theater and was utilized then in The Simpsons by Homer Simpson. “Al Rare” Yankovic, Cider of pear of Luke, Bandage it Kirsebom, Farrah Fawcett, Mr. Knotts, Mr. T, Donny Osmond, the Mark Hamill, Adam al western, Richard Simmons, Dionne Warwick, Mick Mellador, Shaquille OR’ Neal, and Seth Green all has appeared in it throws humorous.

They have said in some interviews, provided that its place of guest in it was brought up, that are fans of it throws humorous. Particularly, the appearances of the West of Adam in Johnny Bravo as a ridiculously on the first version of he himself was the precursor to his to play a car-parodies more constant fan like Catman in Enough Oddparents and Mayor Adam al western in Type of Family. # Johnny appeared in the Baseball of the Backyard of videogame 2005 in a placard that announces “Grooves 12”. (“It Grooves 12” they are probably a parody of the Network of Throws Humorous.) When the series itself retooled, the style of the artistic work adapted to be seemed al Sam & Máx subterranean comedian of Steve Purcell.

Previously, there was some belief that the character Johnny Bravo was based on the south Australian announces-modern Page of Account of Jhnny Bravo, but in now resolved that Account he has itself reinvents really its image after looking at throws it humorous, and then tried to demand that the credit for is a model for the character in a thought badly was the exploit of the publicity.

It is believed popularly that the name of Johnny wine of the Brady of Greg the name of the theater of an episode of The Branch of Brady, and of is possible that small Truck of creative Partible to be influenced by this source. Nevertheless, in an interview that aired in the Network of Throws Humorous before the presentation of Johnny Bravo as a progressive series, Partible indicated that “Johnny Bravo” was a derivation of its full first name, “Giovanni Bravissimo Partible”. Some common errors in his name: Johnny Brao Johnny Brav Jihnny Bravo

In the episode “Perfects Gift”, a cow kicks on a lantern, beginning a fire, that is a reference to The Great Fire of Chicago with Jonny Bravo# In the episode “the Farm of Katie of Aunt,” after destroying the assembly and to ruin the exposition, the leaps of up the Johnny and downward and continues to shout, “Four good feet! Two bad feet!” repeatedly. This is an obvious reference al Orwell of George the Animal Farm.

Johnny Bravo (expressed by Jeff Bennett) – the character of the title, described up. The it is also notable for the distinctive sonorous effects that accompany its movements often to blind fast (generally done al to try to impress a woman) – the crack of a whip is the very popular one.

Momma Brave (expressed by Brenda Vaccaro) – mother of Johnny Bravo- a quite atypical person – she seems to have a past of the “philosophy hippy” and he reveals at times some to surprise the talent hidden or another. She is dedicated very his son, although she be aware of her low attitude of the intellect and the womanizing one, so she at times her does not treat and her problems seriously.

Suzy Small (expressed by Mae Whitman) – a girl (8-year-old) of the neighborhood, very astute and talkative. She seemed to have a he crushes in Johnny in earlier seasons.

Carl Chryniszzswics (expressed by Tom Kenny) – genius and local type, very interested in the science, but of some timid and rare way. The it seems to be Johnny Bavo only friend, although Johnny often deny that. The it utilizes at times to Johnny as a guinea pig for its consideration of experiments. The it utilized to intimidate Johnny in the prep school, like he was a lot more high than Johnny.

Johnny Bavo Punctures (expressed by Duck of Larry) – gluttonous owner of a local restaurant of chili, could be considered as acting father of Johnny. Oh, his tips and the counsel often turn out to be useless and they cause the problem for Johnny and the gang. The true father of Johnny does not appear in the exposition;

Various episodes have deceived The gray zone, inclusive the Nightmare in 20.000 feet (with a clown instead of a pixie), Is a Good Life (where Johnny has to care for the children Timmy, an omnipotent six-year-old one that can do really people go al cornfield), and Wrist I Live (where Suzie Small obtains a homicidal wrist called Talky Tabitha Small). These episodes begin generally and they finish with a narrative similar one around Serling of Bar, being referred to “the zone where normal things do not happen very often.”

Some notable inclusions include the Mark to Twain and Scooby Doo and the gang. The episode with Twain was a to redo of The Prince and the Indigent one and finished with Johny Bravo, with its duplicate, and with the Mark Twain in the prison to do another interpretation of the story.

In an episode, Suzie mentions a cat that worships lasagna of a book to Johnny Brvo. This is a reference to books of comics of Garfield . The book was also with black lines, the guideline of skin of Garfield .

Sheila (expressed by Kath Soucie) – romance long-lost of Johnny ravo in the episode “The Johnny Unsinkable Brave”, a parody of the relation of the love between the two main characters of Titánico, that the true ship of the same name was considered really “unsinkable” but sank because too many compartments were flooded after they struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. Johnny Bravo cartoon photos and information.

Donny Osmond (expressed by he himself) – often he utilized as a smaller one, the character to laugh useless in some key episodes, Donny he is seen like happy and very optimistic al grain of foolishness. This personality is an absolute contrast to Johnny often very serious, thus causing the tension between he himself and Donny.

Julie Herschbaum (expressed by Jennifer Healthy) – the daughter of tuba-playing of Conejito Brave next neighbor of door. The tests of Johnny that fall in love with this girl, but he fails. ..Almost. She is in the episode “Johny Bravo-Or & Juliet”.

Debbie Nemo (expressed by Kath Soucie) – the female version of Captain Nemo of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, that helped once to Johnny Brvo he saves the ocean. .. Then that upset up with his fixative! She is in the episode “20.000 Leagues On the Head”.

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