Cartoon Characters

Periodic secondary characters in Dexter’s Laboratory Series

  • Mr. Lazinsky: The teacher of the school of Dexter who Dexter is anxious to impress.
  • Douglas E. Mordechai III: Possibly Dexter only friend aside from its computer. The you grasped the school with Dexter and is similarly cretinous. In an episode, they each giggle in a tape of the reproduction.
  • Quadraplex T-3000 computer: The computer of Dexter that supervises the to run of the laboratory and has a personality of its own one. Dexter refers to their computer as “my love” or “my reckoned”, given that the voice of the computer and the personality are female. In an episode, a faulty operation causes that the computer express a different voice, each time the attempts of Dexter to set it, and Dexter cannot be faced with himself, and finally laryngitis gives him.
  • Robots: Various robots in their greater nameless part they help Dexter in the laboratory. The the majority of the coherently to appear is the Robotron, also known as the Robbery-Dexo 2000. It is a robot of various high of stories of battle utilized to fight Mandark, foreign, and the natural disasters and their appearance imitate Dexter something in builds. The entrance is for one of the feet, and its weapons include the lasers, the missiles and their separable fists rocket-driven.
  • Sotavento of Sotavento and Wet Wet: Dee of Dee better friends. Almost identical to Dee Dee, but Wet Wet is of African ancestry, and Sotavento of Sotavento is Asian.
  • Pony Puff Princess: The idol of Dee of Dee (A horse or an unicorn, the parody of My Small Pony).
  • Koosalagoopagoop: A creature of dinosaur-as of multi-colored (expressed by Dom DeLuise) that originates of the imagination of Dee of Dee. Among imaginary friends, only Dee Dee and Bubbles of The Girls of Powerpuff really want it. The character is a parody combined of H. Pufnstuf and Barney the Dinosaur.
  • Windbear and Oceanbird: The hippie of Mandark young, that does not understand the love of Mandark for the badly and the science, not to mention its affections for Dee Dee. Windbear has been known to enter the rivalry with father of Dexter on account of its beliefs you opposed, and is little space if Oceanbird does the same one with mother of Dexter. Windbear can be a parody of John Lennon.
  • Hank of Action: A hero of the action of the television; essentially a parody combined of Mr. T, the G.I. Joe, and the Tunnel. The name can be in the Man of the Action, a very similar wrist/character al G.I. Joe. Along with the Greater Glory and Albert Einstein, he is idolized for Dexter.
  • Cute: Dexter caged monkey that has secretly superpowers, more unknown to Dexter. The star in the Sphere M of reserve for you throw humorous of Monkey.
  • Mr. Fuzzums: The teddy bear of Dee of Dee, that, while not an active character per itself, plays an essential role in various episodes. The it was thrown by Dexter in an episode, that caused that Dee Dee was catatonic and only capable to murmur variant of its name (“Wuzzums, Uzzums”, etc.) . As a consequence, Dexter took Dee Dee to the City Unloads to recover the bear appreciated.

Other than that Dexter’s Laboratary title and Dexter’s name often gets misspelled such as Dxter Deter Dexer Dextr Dexte Dezter Dester Dedter Decter Dexrer Dexyer Dexher Dexger Dexfer Dextsr Dextee Dextet Dexteg Dexted

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