Relationship Red Flags to Watch Out

Just because you have said your marital vows, you will really be together till death do you part. The thing is, just like anything in this world that you cherish and want to last, you have to take good care of it. This is what you will do with relationship you have now with your husband. You have to make sure you put in some efforts so that your love will grow, and your relationship will become healthier. It should be a two-way effort though from you and your partner. Both of you should work on the relationship. 

However, there are times when out of your busyness, you miss some situations or what they say, relationship red flags that you don’t get enough about it due to busy life. They might be minor at times but when ignored, they can escalate until such time when they will become serious problems that might even cause permanent marriage dissolution. That said, check out below some of the relationship red flags you should not ignore:

He Looks at You as Someone Perfect

You might think this is a good thing, but this is actually scary. He looks at you as someone who cannot make mistakes. You will be pressured to live up to his high standards. The moment you shatter his expectations, this might cause some serious problems, thus this should be dealt with right away. 

You Rarely Talk Anymore

Because each of you is quite too busy, you end up ignoring each other. You don’t talk anymore unless it’s something important. Gone are the times when you just enjoy talking anything under the sun and exchange gift among you two. This should be dealt with right away and being you are him are already one, each of you should be honest with each other. 

He Doesn’t Take You Seriously at Times

There are times when he just takes you for granted. Like for example when he wants, to have sex and you are not in the mood, he still does what he wants. This is a sign of no respect. He does not care for your feelings. You should talk about this to him so that he will understand in a way that he will not be offended. 

Lack of Trust

He is always doubtful if you are being true or if you are telling the truth. This could be because he is also no true to himself. The thing is, it really sucks when you discover that the one who is always doubtful is actually the one who lied to your face. If this will be ignored, chances are you end up getting into serious fights with him in the near future. For example, if he were to keep checking your social media accounts.

Fresh from a Break-up

Don’t get entangled with someone who just came from a break-up. This is applicable to those who are still in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. When one is fresh from a break up and is right away looking for someone new, chances are he is just trying to use someone to heal his broken heart. That means that something can go off once he is healed and he might realize you are not his dream girl after all. 

Your Family and Friends Don’t Favor Your Partner

Though their opinions should not be the final say, still it would be more comfortable for you if they approve. If by chance they don’t, you should assess the reason as maybe they know something you don’t. Especially your family where you are bound to meet along with your partner, you should clear things before they can become serious enough to threaten your marriage. 


No one should be overly domineering over someone else especially, your loved one. Note that you get married because you decide you can’t live without each other. You like each other a lot that you think, just the two of you is enough. Each of you should give each other freedom and if this is not the current situation in your household right now, this should be talked about right away. 


This is the ultimate red flag. There should never be a time where your partner will physically abuse you or verbally on social media platform. Note that this can become a habit and he might not realize he is already hurting you too much. That is why even when the physical abuse is still mild, it should be addressed right away. You have to tell him that you don’t like it and that you feel pained emotionally and physically. 

Actually the red flags mentioned here should be most observed while you can still back out from your relationship, or you are still unmarried. This way, no one will be sacrificed like kids and so on. This is the reason why one should think a lot of times before taking the next step as this is not something you can just spit off when you are burnt. 

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