How to Choose the Best Meat For Your Burgers

Choosing Best Meat

If there’s any food from your childhood shows that you always yearn to eat, what would it be? Is it the chocolate cake from Mr. Bean the series? Or perhaps the Ratatouille cooked by a rat called Remy? Well, whatever it is, I am pretty sure everyone would love to taste the Krabby Patties from Spongebob Squarepants! I’m sure you know of those kind of cartoon! If you love the patties, you must also love burgers in real life right? Have you ever thought of what makes a burger tastes so good? Is it the bun? Or is it the sauce? Well, I must say, it’s the meat that determines everything!

For The Perfect Burger

So, how do we find a perfect meat for a perfect burger? No, you don’t need to order some imported wholesale frozen food singapore or New Zealand. Local beef should also do it as long as you know which types of beef you should choose. First of all, you need to know that meat with a high fat content should be at the top of your choice as it will give you a juicy flavour to the burger. Ground beef is really popular when it comes to this dish. Some of the common ones are the ground chuck, sirloin and round. Out of all these options, the best one is said to be the ground chuck as it contains high fat due to it being originated from the front shoulder of a cow. It is also moist and tender part which is rich in flavour. You can even consider trying some herbal chicken style as well.

How about the cooking part? Well, leave it as it is as the secret to a good-taste burger is not in how you make it, but the ingredients you choose to make one. The main ingredient, which is the meat, shall be the one taken into consideration at all cost! Happy cooking and believe me, the burger you are about to grill, is hundred times better than the colourful underwater ones you see in Bikini Bottom.

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