Sharks Are Not That Bad

Sharks Are Not That Bad

As all movies and any other media portray, sharks are vicious animals of the sea who attack and keep attacking. They’re just bloodthirsty creatures of the sea and they will stop at nothing to take a bite, right? You are not so accurate there. There are so many misconceptions about sharks and how they are and people always say that the ocean is too dangerous for us since sharks live there. However, the truth about them is that they’re just fish in the sea who are terrified and curious about foreign beings they rarely see like humans swimming or surfing in the water. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious in the water, however, I’d say that if you want to go for an open water diver certification, just don’t be scared or panic. But I’m here today to clear up their name a little bit and maybe get you to like them a little.

They Don’t Live To Hunt Humans

This is the biggest misconception portrayed by the media. Whereby they show that sharks will always, no matter what, go in for the kill. Alright, open water course but sharks would rather have a seal or any other fish as a meal than a human. Normally, what attracts them to humans is when humans are splashing around in the water, they are mistaken for a struggling sea creature so to investigate, the shark would swim up to them and take a nibble. But it would, in most cases, let go when they’ve realised they didn’t catch their supposed meal. But people will panic even more in this situation, naturally, and cause the shark to panic as well. But when you’re in this situation, don’t blame the shark too much, they’re just as terrified as you are.

Other Sea Creatures Are Scared Of Sharks

Because of movies like Jaws or The Meg, you’d probably think sharks, especially great white sharks, are feared by any other species in the ocean. But you’re mistaken. Yes, sharks may be at the top of the food chain in the sea so it’s easily mistaken as having no predators. But hey, even lions have other predators. Sharks are known to have been eaten by other sharks, bigger ones of course. There’s this thing called elasmobranch cannibalism. It’s when shark pups eat their smaller sibling in the womb. Yes, in the womb. Other predators like orcas also eat sharks, even great whites. They flip them over to stun them and attack.

Every Shark Is Different

People always say all sharks are the same and that they’re all vicious. Hello? Dwarf lantern sharks frown upon you. This small species of shark can fit in the palm of your hand and the best part is they can glow! Well, technically. They have light-generating organs called photophores along its stomach to deflect predators and attract prey, which usually consists of creatures smaller than it. It’s not that hard since they typically live in deep waters. So yes, every shark is different and there are cute ones, big ones, small ones and even coloured ones.

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