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How To Choose The Right Gutter System

Saving on the roof drainage system can result in global costs. The fact is that with an unorganised drainage from the roof, water freely falls on the walls and foundation, which leads to their excessive moisture, and, as a result, to premature destruction. A well-chosen and installed system will not only preserve the structure, but also give it completeness and habitability.

Gutter system Tin, PVC or copper?

Today, a fairly wide range of drainage systems of various designs and costs is provided on the Ukrainian market: made of galvanized steel, tin, polymer-coated metal, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as copper and titanium-zinc. Each of them has its individual advantages and disadvantages. So which should you choose? More info at RGS Maintenance Malaysia here.

The only advantage of galvanized steel or sheet metal gutters is their low cost. But there are more than enough shortcomings. The fact is that these materials are very susceptible to corrosion, in addition, due to the small thermal expansion in winter when ice forms, the pipe can burst or disperse at the seams. Tin is a very soft material, therefore, even with a slight mechanical effect, dents form on it. And the zinc coating oxidizes after 2 years with frequent acid rain. The service life of these drainage systems is short – only 10-15 years, and then they will have to be changed.

How to choose a drainage system

PVC gutters perfectly combine price and quality. Their main plus is that, unlike metal, plastic is not subject to corrosion, it tolerates temperature changes better, is more plastic, which allows the gutter and downpipe not to burst when the water inside freezes. In addition, PVC gutters are flexible, do not fade, are not afraid of impacts, withstand heavy snow and wind loads, and work well in the temperature range from –50 ° C to +70 ° C. The advantage of plastic drainage systems is also their ease of installation compared to the installation of metal drainage systems. The service life of this system, with proper installation and operation, can reach 50 years. The main disadvantage of PVC gutters is the change in size with temperature changes, which violates their tightness and shape.

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