Choosing The Perfect Name For Your Buisness

Choosing a good name might be a lot more crucial than you might think. Have you ever given thought to how the name of the brand can change the entire brand identity and image we perceive? The way we react and consume it is heavily affected by the name. The better the name, the better it is for the brand. 

There are some brands around the world you would not have expected to have older names before they were rebranded. Can you imagine calling apples “apple computers”?. The brand was once apple computers until they decided to shift and make apple the official name. Can you also imagine drinking a bottle of brad’s drink instead of Pepsi? Pepsi once used to be called Brad’s drink but it’s a lot more exciting to talk about having a can of Pepsi than Brad’s drink. 

Many have changed their names as a result of their expansion. When the business grows and new interests bud, it may not always be a wise idea to shift from the original but given the correct marketing, things do work out very well. Tesla motors used to be a company, inspired by Ford motors, to create cars and other auto products. However, their major shift to solar panels, space inventions, and other groundbreaking revolutions came with a change of their name to “Tesla” as well. Now, this was not only a total rebrand but also a better name for the company that emphasized its brand image throughout the world. 

We may not always have the best name from the very beginning. As the business expands and the market changes, the name may also need to tweak a little. But it is always important to start from solid ground. The solid ground here includes a good, well thought and researched name for the company!  Here are some tips on how to choose a good name for the business.

Get To Know Your Customers Well

Your customers can tell you a lot about how your brand should be. After all, the business needs to be customer-centric to generate consistent sales. The same remains for the name of the business as well. Your name needs to be something your customers can resonate with, something that is memorable, and a name that will emphasize the brand image. Learning more about your customer’s existing perception of your brand and how strong the brand associations are to the name, will help you figure out if the name is worth keeping. 

Compare To Your Competitors 

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? You are going to need a name that will equal the rivalry and help you stand out in the sea of competition. Having a good name is not only about choosing the name after your own two cents and research. It is about analyzing how your competitors have named and how they use their names to enhance brand identity. 

Collaborating with a good branding agency Malaysia is one way we can ensure that we end up with a good name for our business. Something that is ethically right, targeted for your customers, and resonating as well. 

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