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On Speed-dial: Guide For New Parents

Having a new-born is a joyous and momentous occasion. New parents and all the family are often thrilled by their little bundle, and everyone has everything set on how to proceed once the baby leaves the hospital. But, the fear before the baby is an immense feeling, and while it does get forgotten as soon as the baby appears, it gets a lot of soon-to-be parents in a state. There are so many questions of “what happens when ‘this’ occurs?” and the confusion drives everyone into a panicked frenzy. Well, we are here to help you out. This is a list of places and people you should be aware of before and when your small bundle arrives. Keep them on speed dial or have their contacts detailed somewhere safe to ensure you know just who to turn to.

1.     The mother’s doctor 

The medical services that will help deliver your baby are the first and most important one on the list. They have all your details and all the details of the soon-to-be-born baby, and will, therefore, have a more comprehensive understanding of your circumstances if any problems arise. They should be on speed-dial at all times in cases of emergency.

2.     The paediatrician

Your baby begins to see their paediatrician from when they are weeks old. Paediatricians cannot really provide assistance prior to the birth of the child, but they are skilled to know which illnesses are frequent, which ones are rare, which ones are to be expected and how to go about them in your child. 

portrait of a baby being checked by a doctor using a stethoscope

3.     Baby stores

Online baby products are certainly essential. Make sure you know where your closest baby stores are if you are in need of some items in a short space of time. It is awfully hard to track down a store that sells diapers and baby oils late at night, so you could actually set a day aside every month to allocate it figuring out what your baby has or doesn’t have at home. However, if you are on the move and you happen to have forgotten something important, know your surroundings. Look them up beforehand to know which stores around you can fulfil your baby needs. Grocery stores are another crucial one to add to your list of contacts. These stores provide you, the parents, with food and other necessities.

4.     Parent groups

Parent groups are associations that come together to discuss their journey as parents. They offer advice, tips and trick, and act as a point of contact for new parents who can mingle and discuss their children. As new parents, it is difficult to find the time to socialise, so these groups are perfect. Knowing where your closest parent groups are can help you not only in choosing good nurseries,  the best products for your baby and such other details, but it also allows parents to breathe a little and know that they aren’t alone in the problems they face or may face.

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