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Struggles Of Working From Home

Due to the pandemic that has been with us for the past 2 years, we all have been learning to cope with the new norms that are safe for our life. We avoid going outside if there are any unnecessary reasons and even when we went outside we still need to follow the safety regulations that have been asking for us to do, for the sake of our life. 

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And we also have been coping with the new ways of working from home. If before this we are all so familiar with being in the environment of the office and being surrounded with our colleagues, now we have to make ourselves be familiar with the new ways of working with each in the comfort of our home by ourselves. However, just like anything else working from home also known as WFH can be a struggle for all of us, and here are some of the struggles that many workers feel while WFH. 

Managing Your Own Schedule 

When we were first being instructed to work from our home, we were all so thrilled and excited by this announcement because that means we can do whatever we want at our home. No more waking up early in the morning, getting ready, and faced the traffic to get into our office and sit there for straight 9 hours from 9 am to 6 pm trying to finish our work. Well, at first it might seem exciting by as years passed by, we soon realized that this is not the most efficient way of working and there’s a reason why the normal working hours is being implied to us. This is because while working from home, we lack the sense of time and thus leads to us procrastinate our job. 

No Boundaries Between Personal and Work 

Back then, when we come to our home from a long day of work we know that we’ll be getting time to rest and not think, talk or do any of our work because we are at our home. But now, there are no boundaries between our home and our office because they have become both. While working from home is easy and comfortable, it’ll make us feel like we have no boundaries between our work and personal life because we are constantly working while staying at home. Every hour, we will be checking our email to avoid missing our of any important notes. 


Let’s be real, working from home means that we are more tend to get distracted by so many things. Whether it is our parents, our pets, our children, or anything. And when we easily get distracted by all of these distractions our work quality will not be the same when we are working at an office where the environment is created for us to stay focus and efficient while working. 


When working at our office, we can easily communicate with our colleagues like all we need to do is slide our chair across into their working territory. But now that we are at home, communicating with our colleagues isn’t as easy and efficient as we used to. Especially if we have a bad internet connection and that is why it’s important for us to have a good and strong internet connection. More info on how to apply Time internet Malaysia here, to guarantee you of having a strong internet connection. 

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