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Home Meal Prep: Tips and Tricks

To have a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a proper meal at the proper time too. But with the amount of work and other responsibilities, we rarely do have any time to cook our meal. That’s why meal prepping exist! Which basically means cooking a large portion of meal beforehand so all you have to do is heat it up! However, meal prepping can be wasteful sometimes if we don’t plan ahead and end up with more leftover than we intend too. Hence, here are some tips and tricks of having a proper home meal prep

Using the right container.

Of course, the first step of prepping a meal, you have to have a container. In order to keep the food fresh and last longer, it would be best to choose airtight containers, especially the ones made out of glass. This is because the container will last longer, and it would be easier to heat the food up without worrying about melting the container. In fact, it is known that glass containers are cleaner and safer for food storage rather than plastic containers. 

Plan and portion your food.

To avoid any food wastage, it is advisable for you to plan and portion your food accordingly. Whether you are cooking for a family, your partner, or just yourself, no food will be wasted if you plan ahead. Plus, it would also help in maintaining a good diet for you and your family, especially when you’re new to parenting. When the time comes for lunch, everyone will have their portion of the meal – not too much or too less, just right. Who would’ve guess? Home meal prepping is both healthy and time saving. 

Cook universal recipes.

Home Meal Prep

The type of meal you’re preparing also plays a huge role. It is advisable to cook meals that can last long and universal as well. Which means that the meal can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Some example of universal recipes are salads made out of fresh fruits and vegetables, wraps that have delicious fillings, or a simple pasta meal. So, whenever you wake up late and in need for a quick breakfast, you got yourself a fruit salad to enjoy – you don’t even have to heat it up! 

Keep up with the prepped meal.

Whenever you have prepped your meal, make sure that you eat it within time! Although you cooked a meal that will last long, eating old leftovers are not healthy for you – especially for children. It is better when the prepped meal last only 2-3 days, and start prepping a new meal. Food that last a week would not have a proper nutritional value any more. Hence, you have to keep up with the food and make sure to eat it within time. Of course, if you have planned and portioned your meal, it would be easier to keep up with it. 

Meal prepping is important. Especially to those who have no free time to cook every day at the right time. However, being busy is not a reason to skip your meal! Prep your meal today, so you could have a healthier lifestyle.

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