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Affordable Pieces To Style Your Apartment With

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes, but the personality assigned to them differ. As a young homeowner, you want to keep the space comfortable but personal. Your personality, your quirks and your image play a role in how you style your home. It is probably expensive to think like a big time homeowner, but there are some pieces that you could make use of even on a small budget to bring your apartment to life and make it your own. The pieces you use don’t have to take a chunk out of your budget, and many of them are long lasting yet mobile, so you can easily move them around with your other furniture when you eventually move out.

Standing Ornaments

Standing ornaments are a good investment. These can include hat racks or coat racks. They not only save space, but also add a chic element to the bedroom. Tall lamps are another relatively old-school piece that elevate your bedroom. What we love about the standing lamps is how they spread more light and imitate a lamp post. They have a certain elegant appeal to them that the typical bedside table lamp doesn’t possess.

 Ulu Kelang

Potted Plants

Inexpensive but popular, potted plants are a perfect decorative piece to add to your apartment in Ulu Kelang. They vary in shape, size and even colour, though many prefer to go for the green leafy types. The plants certainly have to be looked after with enough water and sunlight to grow and bloom, but this is an easy fix. Plants are great not only because of the faint but clean scent they carry, but also because they add a lovely aesthetic to rooms, especially the vines that hang low and create veils of green. You can place plants almost anywhere and effectively enhance the area they have been placed in. maintenance may be difficult to get a hang of, but once you’ve got it you’ll see a worthwhile change in appearance and the feel of your room.

Paintings And Photographs

Some of the most underrated pieces include painting and photographs, whether they are your own or from anonymous artists. Pictures of the wall can give character to the blank space, regardless of the colour they come in. If you do your own painting and photography, all you have to do is get them framed and you can hang them up. Pictures go well with any room; so whether you choose to hang them up in your bedroom, your lounge, your passage or even bathroom, they add the dash of colour and character to tie the whole place together. Photographs and paintings aren’t expensive, especially when they come from small-time artists. They are even cheaper if you do your own!

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