How Do You Solve The Problem Of Recurrent Roof Leaks Once And For All?

To do a good job in waterproofing requires two essential elements: professionalism and conscience, one of which is essential. Most of those who are able to become experts in waterproofing are those who have been working in the field for years and make a living out of it; I’m afraid not many are based on hobbies alone.

The product or service itself, waterproofing and plugging, is unique. It is unlike many other commodities that have uniform specifications and indicators, it is difficult to compare visually between products offered by different merchants, and it takes years to test the results, but before the results are available, the money has already been paid or there is only a minimal warranty left, and when something goes wrong it is often past the warranty period.

Waterproofing is a low-frequency, high-dollar consumer product that looks simple, but is highly professional. The low-frequency decision of the business has the motivation to fool customers, a large decision of the business has to take the poor quality and low price route to cater to consumers to cheap psychological basis, looks simple to decide the customer overconfidence and does not recognize the high price of products, professionalism decided to asymmetric information to fool customers space. These combined determine the current confusion and disorder in the waterproofing and leak plugging market.

Nowadays, buildings are basically reinforced concrete structures. Concrete is a rigid material and is naturally subject to cracks, so the problem of water leakage must be solved by adding an additional waterproofing layer such as bumbung besi  (also known as metal roof), which cannot be solved at the root of the problem by adding additives to the concrete. Cracking is the most fundamental cause of water leakage and the resulting cracks are both visible to the naked eye and invisible subtle cracks. 

In addition to fighting cracking, the first thing to consider is the ageing resistance, the actual life span under actual conditions of use, rather than the laboratory life span. Many elastomeric coatings, such as certain elastomeric waterproofing coatings, cannot be immersed in water for long periods of time, cannot be exposed to use, and cannot be resistant to corrosion, which are placed in practical applications resulting in a much shorter life, causing repeated leaks. There is also the physical strength of the coating, some elastic waterproofing coating physical strength is weak, too delicate, easy to break, so only the physical strength of high, durable skin is reliable.

To sum up, to solve the problem of water leakage, waterproofing materials need to have five major abilities: the ability to combat cracking, the ability to resist ageing, the ability to combat damage, the ability to combat shedding and the ability to combat poor construction.

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