3 Terrifying Indie Horror Games That Will Make You Afraid To Sleep At Night

Horror games are experts at making players feel as uncomfortable as possible. The darkness, the mystery, the long stretches of silence punctuated by jumpscares of even just the occasional unnerving mystery…it’s a form of art, in it’s own way. The art of fear, and the art of scaring. 

While there are many superb A-list horror games out there made by large game corporations, indie developers seem to know the horror scene in a uniquely different way than those in the higher ups. Free to make whatever game they want, Indie game developers often look at the horror genre in incredibly new and innovative ways – crafting expert short games that scare you with their unconventionality and your inability to truly predict what comes next. The Indie horror game scene is one full of scares and terror – and tons of games that will truly keep you up at night in fear. 

So for those of you who like horror games and want to support some indie developers? 

Here are 3 terrifying Indie horror games that will make you afraid to sleep at night. 

1. Welcome To The Open House 

Have you ever wanted to buy a house from the comfort of your own home? Maybe you want a house at Batu Caves, or want to buy a Sunway Damansara condo or check out a Dutamas house for rentbut you don’t want to go to the physical address for a viewing. Well, with the Welcome To The Open House application, you can do your house viewing and shopping completely virtually….or can you? 

Welcome To The Open House is a short indie horror game that initially runs like a virtual open house viewing simulator; with a realtor happily introducing you to the rooms of the house and extolling their values. However, as the player wanders around the home asking questions, they eventually find clues that something is very, very amiss – they find suspicious silhouettes in the reflection off the glass, blood splatters can be found on the sink, and a body hangs in the closet. And once the player has seen too much, the game completely glitches out into a dark, horrifying universe – populated by a mysterious stalking presence known only as the ‘It’. 

2. Discover My Body 

Made by Indie developer Yames, Discover My Body is a terrifying game experience that seems to document how humanity’s quest for deeper connection can sometimes go too far. Following the eyes of a medical intern, you are introduced to a world wherein human beings, in their endless quest for connection, have created a medical process known only as the ‘Flowering’; wherein humans are basically turned into plant-human hybrids and connected to a vast fungal network of hive-brains. 

You, a medical intern, are tasked with helping a patient out with their own ‘flowering’ process. As such, you get to see the whole, terrifying transformation in full – the rotting bones, the terrifying contortions, and the strange growths that sprout from their body. All the while, the patient assures you that this is ‘normal’ and that they do in fact want this – and when the flowering is complete, screams out an ecstatic ‘I’M SO HAPPY’ as they change completely into a flower-esque creature. 

3. The Watson-Scott Test 

The Watson-Scott Test is an unnerving indie horror game that plays like a standard survey you might take anywhere on the Internet – save for the uncomfortable glitching effects and type-writer noises that play every time words scroll onto the screen. To play this game, you answer a series of questions – however, as time goes on, the questions only seem to become more and more unnerving. 

Deeper into the game, the test starts asking you questions like ‘Are you alone right now?’, whether your front door is unlocked, and what you would do if a stranger suddenly entered your house. It also asks you to look at terrifying images of interlocked spiders and other terrifyingly warped images to gauge your emotional reaction. All of this seems to lead up to an undeniable, terrifying truth – that something evil lurks in the Watson-Scott test, and that by playing the game, you might have unwittingly invited it to your home. 

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