Contact Friends By Using Social Media

Do you have friends whom you don’t meet often? Friends whom you have known for a long time but can’t get to see them graduate because they live far away? Or maybe because you both have a busy schedule? Well, worry no more because that is what our social media comes in. Do you have any idea what are social media? Social media are websites or applications that are developed by different developers with a purpose, and that is by letting their users create and share something with other people who are also using social media. 

There are many social media available due to the technology that you can use in order to contact your friends easily. But before tackling that topic, do you have access to the internet? If you wish to use any social media applications, it is a must for you to have a Wi-Fi connection. Setting up a Wi-Fi connection may cost you a big amount of money, but if you are going to think what advantages or benefits you are going to experience from it, you will know that it will be worth it. With Wi-Fi connection, you will never be bored because you can watch your favourite movies on the internet, play different games, interact with different people, helps you with your project or assignments and so on. 

But if you truly find installing a Wi-Fi connection just for the sake of using social media expensive and you can’t get enough or you don’t have a budget for it, then you can just reload your SIM card to have a data connection. Going back, if you do not have any idea what social media is the best to install, then here are some of the best social media that you could choose from: 

  • Instagram – this social media application is considered to be the best. A lot of people use this application, even famous actresses and actors. This application has different features like being able to chat with friends, video calling them, able to follow your friends and sharing a story. If you want to share something, you are required to post a photo. You can interact with your friends by chatting them or commenting on one of their uploaded photos. 
  • Twitter – Unlike instagram, you do not have to post a picture just to share what is happening on your day. You simply just have to tweet what you are thinking. Tweet is a term used in twitter for sharing. The downside of Twitter is that you can’t call your friends, you can only do chatting and when you want to share something, the number of characters is limited. If you exceed on that limitation, the application won’t let you share your post. 
  • Messenger – Just like instagram, a lot of people also use this application. This application provides different services like being able to talk to your friends or video chatting them. One of the best features of the messenger is that it enables you to have a group video call with your friends. And unlike other applications, Messenger is quite easy to use. Aside from chatting and video calling your friends, you can send pictures, files or a voice record as well. For students, the messenger is useful for them because they can send notes to each other in an easy and faster way. The messenger is a built-in function in Facebook which explains why a lot of people use them.
  • Snapchat – Now, let’s talk about snapchat. A snapchat functions the same way as to the messenger and instagram. Do you notice that you can share a post in messenger and instagram for one day only? The story or post you uploaded in snapchat will only be available for 24 hours and after that, it will be gone. One of the features of snapchat is you are able to see who saw your post and of course chat with friends. One of the reasons why people use snapchat is because of the different filters built into it. 

In a nutshell, the mentioned social media are somewhat the same, all of them can provide you a service that lets you communicate with your friends who are far from you. The only difference is that some social media are designed better or some of the social media provide better features.

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