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Pet Alien cartoons

Pet Alien is an exposition about a 13-year-old small one called Flat Soldier Cadle that lives with five foreigners in a lighthouse.

Cartoon secrets the Characters

* Flat Soldier Cadle – Flat Soldier is a sensible and happy boy. The he is put in messes rarely, less when the foreigners are around. As all the other foreigners, Flat Soldier worships the taffy.

* Dinko – Dinko is the largest troublemaker of the gang. Although he always tries to help Flat Soldier, he always dirties the things, often because he understands badly words of Tommy al grain of insanity.

* Gumpers – Gumpers is a large foreigner with a large appetite (and not barely for the food for example to eat shoes). The he wants to belch and the I ask and possesses also an alive tooth. The it is very strong, but also very frightened.

* The Blow – the Blow is a foreigner that seems to a parrot with a lot of energy. He is difficult to understand what says, although the last word pronounced in his prayers often be understandable.

* Ostentatious – Ostentatious is a snobbish, conceited, and arrogant foreigner that only thinks about he himself. In the episodes, he often tries to eliminate Flat Soldier and the other foreigners so that he can have the lighthouse to he himself, especially dormitory of Tommy.

* It Disarranged – Disarranged is a foreigner of dog looking at that jumps as a hare and like whose tongue is as fits to suppose readier than he himself.

* The thin Ways – thin is a brat damaged that is an enemy of Tommy. She enjoys to force it to do the tedious or heavy tasks, thanks to her the shrill and strong voice. She is also an exceptionally ready adversary to look at fixedly competences.

* Talkative – Talkative is lover of Flat Soldier, but unfortunately he does not feel the same way. In various episodes is revealed that she can smell when Flat Soldier is into difficulty.

* Granville DeSpray – Granville is a direct descendant of founders of Bay of DeSpray , like you can say of his name, and when such he Courages the traditions of the old English as the hour of the tea. Granville is desperately in love with thin and has numerous times, in vain, they tried to gain the heart. The it hates Flat Soldier and blames it for every evil that happens.

* Clinton Fillmore Jefferson XIII – Clinton competes in any class of available sport and generally victories. Its favorite class of sport, although, is to bother Flat Soldier.

* Spangley – Spangley is an old sailor that is a little lunatic. The he is afraid water and crustaceans and he runs the local store of the taffy that Flat Soldier and the foreigners visit at least daily.

* The Chrysanthemum of Tommy – the Chrysanthemum of Tommy lives in a house located fence al lighthouse of Tommy. The spectators never obtain to see it, like she maintains the contact with her son only by the microphone installed in the dormitory of Tommy.

1. The Boy with Six Legs/2. Evil of Emperor. The to Amaze Flat Soldier Atomic/Crater of prison Sentence 3. The attack of the 50 Boy of p/wine of the 4. of the Cabinet. The Girlfriend of Gumpers/The Thing in the 5. of Corner. I was a Boy with beard Adolescent/The Escape of the 6. of the Detention X. The box of the

Destiny/The Robbery of a 7. of Rodent. They Came from the outer space the Tentacles of 8. of Terror. The Great Massacre of the Movie/The Day that Would not Finish 9. Comes when You Sleeps/The Attack of the 10. of Werescruffy. The sounds of the Destiny/11. of Darkness. She Comes for the Heart/Beast That Stole My 12. of

Heart. The night of the Ball of tube Traveler/Landed in the 13. of Porche. The bay of the Triffid/Medical one of the Destiny

Cartoon secrets Season 2

1. The invasion of the People of Globe/The 2. Small of Ball of Monster. The Land that Calibrates Forgot/The Day that the Food Expired 3. The Badly that Thumbs

Do/4. of television of Terror. The bad Blood of beyond the Time during the day Stopped Still 5. The Reach of the horror/frightens 6. of Matter. The Scare from

the theater/the Night of the 7. of People of Cat. The return of the Gobbler Horrible/Sending and Handling 8. done not Include. The Boy That Came beSomething/Beast Unchained from 9. of Fury. The Creature of the Bay of the Dew/The

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