Tips For Your New Real Estate Purchase

An existing asset is less expensive to purchase. A new house for sale in Klang might be out of reach compared to an older one. If you are a handyman, you can find a home for a pittance, renovate it at a lower cost (and taking advantage of advantageous tax credit and reduced VAT) and provide it with significant added value. Guaranteed profit on resale. The cachet of the old has no equivalent when you are sensitive to it.

The advantages of new real estate

If buying a new property is at first glance more expensive, it is in the medium and long term that the saving is envisaged. Indeed, reduced notary fees (2 to 3% in the new against 7 to 8% in the old one), an exemption from the property tax for two years in some cities, reduced energy consumption with the latest construction standards (BBC, RT2012) drastically lower the bill. In addition, no work to plan and budget, you just have to put your bags. In the condominium kota kinabalu you can get the best and simplest solutions now.

Manufacturer’s guarantees also make it possible to secure the purchase. They are specific to new vehicles and some run for 10 years.

Sell ​​before you buy

Choosing this option gives you peace of mind. You avoid the stress of not finding a buyer at the right time and having to pay for two homes and their charges. This option also lets you know the exact amount you have available to buy your next home. The market is fluctuating, it is difficult to deprive oneself of this security.

Selling your property in Kota Kinabalu before buying requires some security. The golden rule is not to rush. If you’ve found a buyer and signed the promise to sell, it’s a good start, but it’s not over yet. The purchaser has 7 days to retract, he must obtain his mortgage. In general, between signing the promise to sell and going to the notary, three months pass. The duration that gives you time to conduct your own research, otherwise, consider a temporary furnished rental and leave your furniture in storage for a few months.

Buy before you sell

  • Buying before you sell allows you to anticipate and plan. The time to settle into your new home, to carry out any work. You can still occupy the old one as much as you want.
  • Another advantage, that of not missing out on a crush. If a visit appeals to you, you don’t keep the seller waiting and you are sure to get the property.

But here again, precautions must be taken. You are going to buy a new home without having sold the old one. So you do not know for sure how much you will have available for financing. A word of advice, don’t overestimate your current property so as not to incur more costs than you can afford.

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