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Advantages of using fiber optic systems for developments

The wiring and accessories allow a simple installation and facilitate a reduction of the spaces required for technical rooms, electrical conduits and conduits. As well as a reduced volume of fiber optics compared to copper networks.

Low energy consumption

Being a passive network system, fiber optics does not require the use of electrical energy in intermediate distribution points (IDF), this allows the removal of equipment that supplies electricity and the A / C equipment necessary for each distribution point.

Greater bandwidth control

The digital revolution makes it clear that fiber optics due to its unlimited bandwidth will allow the connection of many more devices.

The bandwidth is like a 5-lane highway that allows the passage of each vehicle and adapts according to the needs.

It is possible to expand its capacity in a practically automated way.

Many hotels that are re-converting their traditional copper networks are taking advantage of the benefits to provide a more efficient service to their visitors.

To modify or expand the bandwidth, it is only necessary to adjust the hardware of the central equipment (OLT) and that of the connection points in each room (ONT).

Unifi fibre broadband Systems experience in the installation of fiber optic systems

At unifi fibre broadband they are a Malaysian company with more than 25 years of experience providing connectivity solutions and security systems for the government, hotel, residential and industrial sectors.

Contact unifi fibre broadband experts for your project

At unifi fibre broadband they work with the main technology developers for the implementation of fiber optic networks.Contact unifi fibre broadband and an advisor will be able to offer you an ideal panorama to begin the design of a solution that will allow you considerable economic savings while increasing the quality of the connectivity that you offer to your visitors or tenants.

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