Best of the apartment for Taman Desa condo for sale

Buying a Taman Desa condo for sale is an important step in everyone’s life. It is an expensive and long-lasting purchase, so it requires a very responsible attitude. If you have decided to buy a home, it would be good to take into account the following tips, especially if you are buying your first home. This way, you will avoid the risk of concluding a dubious transaction, or of purchasing a home in which you will not feel comfortable and you will be put in the situation to change it. But you are allowed to check other places as well such as Bandar Utama apartment for rent.

Be careful when choosing a home

He carefully studies the real estate market, analyzes as many offers as possible, consults professionals, and necessarily makes visits to several properties. Thus, you will form a correct view of prices and you will have no doubts about the transaction price;

If you want to buy a new apartment (on the primary market) opt for offers that have a high degree of completion so you will avoid the risk that the building will not be put into operation;

Analyze the infrastructure of the sector in which you want to buy a building: access to public transport, schools, kindergartens, pharmacies, markets, etc.

  • Check the possibility of re-planning the building as desired
  • Be careful when buying apartments on the top floor of the building, check the condition of the roof
  • Draw attention to the condition of the walls, be free of mold or fungus. The unpleasant smell in the apartment is more pronounced in the cold period of the year and could be the cause of some problems with the heating of the apartment
  • An important factor is the arrangement of the yard with a children’s playground, car parking
  • To be sure that you have correctly assessed the condition of the property, turn to a construction specialist so you will avoid the risk of purchasing a property in deplorable condition.

Be careful when concluding the purchase-sale contract:

If you have decided to buy real estate, check the property documents. Request the statement to verify that there are no encumbrances from individuals, state bodies, banks, financial institutions, etc. A seizure is not a reason to withdraw from the transaction. It is only necessary to clearly discuss the conditions for its cancellation. It is safest to purchase real estate with seizures through the bank or financial institution that applied it. In this case, the institution guarantees the legality of the transaction and the subsequent cancellation of the seizure;
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