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How To Use A Vibrating Egg

Versatile, simple, and almost all women have it: the vibrating egg is one of the most popular masturbators in the world of adult toys. Its operation is simple: you simply have to press it directly against the clitoris (or any other erogenous zone) until you reach orgasm. However, the potential of these Malaysia top sex toys is much greater.

The Key Tips

Some women prefer to warm up manually (their hand or their partner’s) or orally before using the toy. This is required by those women who, when they apply the softest vibrations to their clitoris, do not feel pleasure, so they require that “their inner fire be awakened” previously. On the other hand, some women only like to use the egg once they are fully aroused, while others prefer to use it before intercourse.

If you are using a female vibrator for the first time, you must use it alone before using it with your partner during sex. New experiences can produce anxiety and you will have a greater sense of control if you know the feeling.

Apply a little lubricant to the part of the egg that is in contact with your body. If you’re already very aroused, you may not need lube.

Start by placing it against your labia majora (labia) and explore how you feel about that sensation. You may want to avoid clitoral contact at first, but this is normal. Little by little you will go from the outside to the labia minora before approaching the clitoris.

If all of this is too intense for you, you can try to soften the vibration by placing a towel between your erogenous zones and the toy.

If you are comfortable with a high level of stimulation, you may want to approach your clitoris directly. For some women, this is too intense and uncomfortable, so try it at the lowest vibration level before picking up the pace. Other women prefer a higher level and direct stimulation. You will know which one is yours when you try it!

Once you feel comfortable with the stimulation, experiment with different intensity levels and press! You may prefer to place the vibrator in a certain place and then apply pressure, or you may prefer lighter, more superficial movements stroking an area or making small circles around your clitoris.

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