Palm Oil in Your Daily Life

We all know that palm oil is able to be made in many different products.

So, let’s find out what are the products that have Palm Oil as an ingredient, and you probably will not know that you are eating it every day in your life. Sometimes you can even get a software to handle your palm plantation or even many other merchandise products.

What is the thing we eat it every day in our daily life? What is that? Yes, is bread. Wow, I was shocked when I found out that bread actually has palm oil in it.

No deny, a bread lover here. The bread we bought from the supermarket, the bread we bought from the bread shop, it was all involved with palm oil in it.

Well, I know that bread is really fattening, but I just can’t control my appetite when it comes to bread. Especially when there are so many choices out there, how can you say no to bread, right?

Okay, next, what would you prefer to add in your bread? Any topping? Well, it’s not chocolate jam, peanut jam, but margarine. Margarine smells so good! So basically, the bread, with a topping of margarine, yes, both of them have margarine in it.

Okay, we should definitely stop talking about food. Apart from food, our daily beauty product also had palm oil ingredients, such as the body lotion we used, body butter, body oil and so on, all of these have palm oil!

Well, I am not so surprised that beauty product has this ingredient, I am more in shock that the food I like to eat the most has palm oil in it.

Last but not least, the body scrub we used once in a week. While we scrub our body, of course we need some nourish ingredients to restore and balance our skin. If you have more information, do share! You can buy palm tree fertiliser in malaysia for your palm oil plantation.

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