Using Biomethane: Alternative To Non-renewable Natural Gas

Oil And Gas Malaysia Industries plays a major role in the economic widespread and strength in the foreign exchange market. Sustainable economic growth is rooted in the key players of oil and gas and many have been opting for natural gas across the world. 

Natural gas is a primary energy source that bountiful benefits for everyone. It is commonly composed of methane but other forms of natural gases also do exist. A simple explanation of how natural gas comes to be come across in our fifth-grade science books. Natural gas is natural, unprocessed, and made in the raw form when plants and animals die and the remains of millions of years of plants and animals provide to the formation of natural gas. In short, it is also a form of fossil fuel. So it is not exactly the green initiative and form of energy many anticipate. But it is cleaner and greener than many other forms of nonrenewable energy. But there is also better news for many. There is another form of natural gas that is not entirely nonrenewable. This comes from biomethane. Biomethane comes from the food that we waste. From the mounting landfills. The agricultural wastage. Livestock and much other organic matters. The use of this converted organic matter has been groundbreaking for many. It was a change in the landscape of climate change. 

The utilization of biomethane has been incredibly popular in the past years. Many countries see it as having huge potential and let’s see the benefits proven from the usage of biomethane. 

Clean And A Renewable Source Of Energy Compared To Fossil Fuel

The most obvious and sought-out reason for biomethane as an alternative to fossil fuels and nonrenewable forms of natural gases. Biomethane does not use any burning of coal for its purpose of energy provision. Hence we see a dramatic cut in CO2 production and the harmful impact of greenhouse gas production. A major of the energy demand is met using the source of biomethane without having to amplify the co2 emissions that cause major climate changes. 

Biomethane Helps Reduce Waste 

Biomethane is composed of waste. Like I said before they are made by using your household waste, crops, landfills, water waste, and restaurant waste. Any agricultural waste also goes into the production of biomethane. The waste must undergo anaerobic digestion under a controlled and optimized anaerobic digester to convert it into biogas. Biogas has many versatile uses in electricity and heat while it also can be produced into biomethane. Biomethane becomes an alternative for vehicle fuel and can be used in natural gas pipelines as well.

The waste and pollution is not the only problem being solved as a result of the production of biogas and biomethane. The production process results in another crucial ingredient that plays a role in improving the agricultural world. A by-product of the anaerobic digestion process is digestate. Digestate is used in the soil to help improve the fertilization of the soil. This is a great improvisation and an upgrade from the usage of chemical fertilizers in the long run. Also, a great movement that supports zero waste practices in the oil and gas world. 

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