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Why Are Mothers So Deserving Of Our Love And Attention

Society has long been dictating women’s function as the producer of offspring regardless of whether they are intended to do so themselves. There exist many real life cases where married women were mistreated by their in-laws simply due to their infertility issues, causing an interference to the inheritance of the family’s bloodline. It is about time we put an end to such a toxic notion and allow women to decide whether they consented to giving birth. Otherwise, resort to the foster care system for adoption. 

Giving birth is in fact, not the simplest of mission to accomplish ever as women are to carry a fetus in their body for a period of 9 months (vary across mothers depending on their health condition), and that labour taking place within a timeframe of 24 hours is as though they are setting foot in their grave. That is why they need essentials from mother care products malaysia post labour. Any mishaps eventuating amidst labour can put the lives of both the infant and the mother at stake. There were actually many cases where especially younger mothers whose physical wellbeing were not sufficiently capable to give birth hence unfortunately risking their own lives. Here is why women should be given adequate autonomy to decide on whether or not they want to take up pregnancy because it significantly concerns their wellbeing. 

Mothers are generally the most deserving being of goodness ever. Apart from their pregnancy and labour costing them blood, sweat, and tears, they have since taken up the obligation to raise a child till they are adequately ready to lead their own lives. Many women before having a child are typically concerned about their capability of being a mother because they do not have any prior experiences. However, being a mother is a natural instinct. Once you become one, you instantly master the skills of motherhood even if nobody has ever taught you how, fascinatingly. To put this into perspective, you may find baby diapers utterly disgusting before this, but once you begin having a child of your own, you would not even mind changing them with bare hands. 

Mothers have witnessed our lowest but their love for us still remains just as intense. They have seen us wetting our pants and bed, throwing up in the middle of the night, crying over nightmares, so on and so forth, and despite the hardships they were obliged to overcome for us, they still chose to be by our side till we are capable of taking care of our own. 

Mothers may be fairly naggy at times, but remember that they are doing it out of love. Even if it means to be cheated by their supposedly lifetime partner, they still strive to provide with the best life possible. Otherwise, they would not even bother about whether you are safe, healthy, and happy. The person who genuinely loves you from the bottom of their hearts would want you to have all that.

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