Why Escapism Can Be Good Sometimes (And Why It Can Go Wrong)

The last time I was presenting to my classmates about playing video games can be a path to escapism in a positive way, I was called out for saying that escapism is good when it is actually bad. Everyone has their opinion on things that I understand, but to be embarrassed in front of people still scarred me to this day. However, I still stand about how escapism can be a good thing while at the same time, acknowledging how it can be bad too. Especially when you are stressed over the MLM plan you have been working all day, of course you need some kind of escape to make you forget momentarily of what makes you mentally pressed to calm yourself.

Here is the reason escapism can be a good thing and be a bad decision depending on how different individuals utilize it:

Good: Escapism Can Give You Creativity

Playing video games, for example, can actually give you a lot of inspiration whether by character designs or personalities, the story itself or the fictional world created in it. Who knows, you can make use of your writing talent to create a story of your own and do world building in your favorite genre. Creativity is a vast universe of the mind, so let your daydreams and imaginations run wild to distract yourself from the harsh reality.

Bad: Escapism Can Make You Procrastinate Often

As much fun as your fantasy is, distracting yourself too much can cause you to lose your sense of goal. You will develop a fear of failure from the withdrawals of your escapist tendencies, having the constant thoughts of ‘what ifs’ and ‘what nots’ when you are back into reality. The uncertainty you have for the real world stems from the imaginary elements of your mind world that are already perfect, which can complicate you between the utopia and the dystopia of double worlds.

Good: Being An Escapist Lets You Live According To Your Ideals

Chances are, you do not like the way you live now. Maybe you hate your job, or the condition you are living in. And you have the desire to change everything into something that can meet your standards. Being an escapist does not only focus on quitting everything you have, let it be your job or any of your living state – you need the sunshines and rainbows to fill yourself into a yearning happiness. To break the shackles of something you have no control over, you can let your mind wander into living life on your own terms and indulge in the needs you want.

Bad: Your Real Life Self Will Go Downhill

Too much time playing Alice in Wonderland can do more harm than good, especially towards your physical body. Bad things will fall upon you, and if that occurs to you at some point, your La La land will disappear.

The key is to be balanced in life.  Without it, your life will be in an uneven rollercoaster with a high risk of falling from it which can endanger yourself physically and mentally.

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